Monday, February 28, 2011

Sanctified Pork and Shoe Fetishes

I'm really tired of it.  For a while, I listened to broadcast Christian music radio very regularly.  I'm back to more CDs than radio lately (early 2011).  Of course, that's not really a bad thing, since I've invested a fair amount of money in Christian music CDs.   My move from radio to CDs isn't for some vague, evasive reason, but for a trend which is really easy to identify.  I'm tired of the chick-flicky, anthemic songs and hissy, almost lisped, whining, mumbled, pouty, breathy vocals of way too many Christian singers recently.  Some female vocalists over-do the emotional breathy pouty stuff, but not nearly so much as too many males.

Sure, that effeminate male and other breathy, mumbled pouty stuff ministers to lots of people, but not to me.  I'm also guessing there's lots of other guys out there who share my opinion.  There's lots of women, too, who just don't like what they're hearing in Christian music.

C'mon you singers: sing it and pronounce it!  "I" is not "hi".  "You" is not "hugh" or "chew" or "jew" or "shoe".  "Do" is not "tzu" or "dzu".  "God" isn't "ngod".  "Please" isn't "blease" and "yeah" is not "sheah" or "djeah".  Quit singing like you got your mouths full of marbles or food you don't want to swallow!

Mr. West, "Honna wanna go through the motions" shouldn't be sung when you mean "I don't want to go through the motions."  Then Disciple sang "Honna wanna…" for "I'm the one who…"  Revive sings "mefore nunay mecomes a yes duh-day" for "before today becomes a yesterday".  Then someone breathily sings, "Hi surrender holy ham" for "I surrender all I am", or slurs out "shear you are down on your knees again" for "here you are…" and "sheah, sheah sheah" for "yeah yeah yeah".  "Another sings, "The only thing that matters is shoe love, shoe love…"  And we're to "Raise a shout, dzu let all the world know that Jesus saves."

So if anyone else doesn't like the soft and sweet, hissy, puppies and kitties and butterflies Christian music that's so popular, take heart!  There's lots more out there than what's often played on the radio.

My preferred musical styles when I started my hunt for the Good stuff was classic rock, blues rock, country rock and heavy rock.  Since my hunt, my likes have expanded, still quite surprisingly to me, into rap and hip-hop, bluegrass, some country, black and southern gospel, punk, speed metal, big band and more.  I'd be happy to help you find something you'll like to listen to.   Let me know if you want some recommendations.

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Paul said...

A radio DJ on a popular network expressed "rainbows and unicorns music" for my "puppies, kitties and butterflies music". I think his phrase paints a more vivid picture.