Monday, February 28, 2011

In-Your-Face Politics

This will be my only in-your-face political writing I post here --hopefully.  Know, up front, I'm a Christian, conservative, ex-military, land-owning, hunter/fisher, white family-guy, who also votes.  Yeah, I'm the cause of all the ills in the world, and lots of folks' worst nightmares.  So here's my political (too likely not all-inclusive) platform.  I don't like to argue politics, so keep that in mind when you leave comments on the blogs here.  And I do recognize a difference between argument and discussion.

I'm pro-choice AND pro-life.  Yes, I can be both, because I believe the choice is made at conception.  Abortion is NOT a form of birth control.

We need some serious welfare-reform:  No work, no check!

We need reform in the medical world, too, especially in billing and research.  Don't bill stuff that didn't happen, and don't approve stuff that's not thoroughly tested.  The insurance industry is too often scamming folks and the medical industry, too.  Frivolous lawsuits need to be stopped.  You buy coffee, you should know it's hot!  Don't sue McDonald's because you're stupid enough to spill it in your lap.  Instead of the lawsuit, you should have your driver's license yanked because you have no common sense.  I don't know what the answer should be in these areas, but it's not federal-level legislation.

The official language of the USA will be American English.  Nobody will be punished for using other languages, but if you get a high school, or post-secondary degree or GED here, the courses and tests are gonna be in English!  And don't get all stupidly defensive!  It won't include foreign language degrees.

The second amendment came out of a need to have an armed populace.  The only government who should fear undocumented gun-ownership is a corrupt government.  The constitution stays!  I've sworn to support and uphold the Constitution (as it was written when I took my oath).  I don't believe my oath was voided when I left the military.

Illegal immigration should be stopped!  Don't be saying, "But we should welcome immigrants!"  Yes, we should!  NOT illegal ones.  Illegals should not enjoy any of the rights we LEGAL citizens enjoy from our Constitution.  No tax-funded benefits should be afforded to illegal immigrants.  Illegals, get out!  You're not legal.

Should we base our law on religion?  Absolutely!  To try to separate law from religion is to void all law.  Law implies a higher moral standard, and to have that moral standard carry any weight, it must assume we were created BY A CREATOR, and FOR A PURPOSE.  If there's no religion/Creator, laws are created by worthless accidents of the universe.  But law is created by "the people"!  So what.  If we're all accidents, people have no value, except that assigned by other worthless people.  Therefore, laws I don't like shouldn't be binding on me, because you, or any body elected by other worthless accidents carry no more moral clout than I.  What's right for you, might not be right for me.  OR, we are created, and have a purpose, and only God's law counts.  And being a Christian, I've gotta stick with God's law as presented in the Holy Bible's New Testament.  In following Jesus' example, I wouldn't force you to be a Christian.  What about other religions, like Islam and its Sharia law?  NO!  That law is unconstitutional: for example, it allows the killing of someone for converting to another religion.  You want Sharia law, MOVE!

Equal protection under the law means just that --NOT "special protection"!  There won't be stiffer penalties for "hate crimes" against specified groups of people.  All crimes are hate crimes, because the criminal hates someone else having something he or she wants.

The Constitution stands, and we should interpret it as it was written, not to suit present times.

Curriculum reform: No mandate to teach theory as fact will be made.  Evolution is a theory!  If there's controversy, all sides will be taught, with no bias.  Evidence is overwhelming to support creation, but it's evidence, and you can either accept it or reject it.  Personally, I believe what's said in the Bible, though I don't understand the biblical concept of time (yeah, I know I'm kicking a religious hornet's nest here).

I'm all for a strong economy in the USA.  We'll not make legislation that will jeopardize the strong position we once had in the world.  We won't legislate or tax where it would force our jobs overseas!  And we won't adopt rules to force small businesses out of business, either.  No, we won't get into that global law stuff.

I guess that's all I'll post here, for now.  I hope I don't have to get into political debate here at Torvald Yamaguchi's Lutefisk and Sushi Bar.  I want it to be a friendly place.

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Paul said...

And Islam cannot be trusted. Their Koran says to hide in the shadows and slit the throats of the infidel. It says to lie if it will further the cause of Islam, or to keep peace in the home, or to any infidel if it will serve your purpose. I am one of those infidels, therefore I can't, at any time, trust a Muslim. According to my Bible, Satan is the father of all lies. Allah is, therefore, NOT God the Father! Jesus is Truth.